The RT3® Fixed Hitch is a very reliable unit that is used primarily for straight road friction testing. It is very similar to the RT3® Flight that is used in Airports except the software used to control the unit is tailored to the roadway market.

This unit will be valuable to those customers that okay knowing that if their straight roads have poor friction, then absolutely their intersections and curved roads will have poor friction too.

Advantages & Features


  • It is less expensive than the RT3® Curve.
  • When the measuring wheel is raised, no part of the RT3® Fixed Hitch is in contact with the surface. You can drive normally.
  • It is simpler to maintain.


  • Measures friction accurately on straight roads.
  • Is easy to operate & calibrate.
  • Is durable with long life expectancy.
  • Can be removed and replaced onto the host vehicle.
  • Is compatible with a single nozzle water system.
  • Interfaces with all HTI software solutions.

Halliday Technologies is committed to promoting environmental sustainability.

We choose each product in the manufacturing process to be durable. Ensuring the RT3® is built to last, we can drive down life cycle costs for our customers. Additionally, through objective and reliable data, our customers can reduce their chemical and salt usage during winter events by optimizing their treatment approach.