The 2016 RT3® Curve is the most versatile, roadway friction tester there is on the market. As we have traveled the world discussing friction with industry experts and field operators, we have come to understand the challenges they face. We have taken those challenges and designed a solution the 2016 RT3® Curve to overcome them.

The RT3® Curve is the only equipment worldwide that can measure friction on a curved road surface with accuracy and precision. The two outside wheels are the measuring wheels. They align with the wheel tracks of the average vehicle. For the US market that wheel track is different than the Japanese Market. The two inside wheels are the transportation wheels for when you are not testing friction.

Why is measuring in the wheel tracks important?

When snow and ice builds up on the road, the friction level within the wheel tracks where the snow is compacted is very different than the friction level of the snow and ice build-up between the tires. By measuring in the wheel tracks, you are measuring the surface as the driving public is experiencing driving on that surface.


For customers that want to measure on curves, but measure outside of the wheel tracks, we can offset the integration of the RT3® Curve to the vehicle so that the measuring wheels are not in the wheel track.

The RT3® Curve can be easily removed and replaced back onto the vehicle.  The calibration of the measuring wheels will remain as long as the unit is replaced onto the vehicle in the same settings as the original installation and calibration by Halliday Technologies.



Measures friction accurately on curves and straight roads.

Measures friction in the wheel tracks.

Is easy to operate & calibrate.

Is durable with long life expectancy.

Can be removed and replaced onto the host vehicle.

Is compatible with a dual nozzle water system module.

Interfaces with all HTI software solutions.

Why measuring on curves is so important – case study

Imagine you are responsible for the engineering oversight of a massive expressway that has many raised areas. The traffic volume is very high. You have noticed that there is a beyond expected loss of friction in wet conditions in some sections of the roads. You want a quantitative evaluation of the surface friction but your road has many curved sections. You have many off ramps and on ramps. The size of the test vehicle is limited to meet the requirements of the road. Do you agree that this sounds challenging?

With the 2016 RT3® Curve this customer is able to meet this challenge. We are working with this customer to customize the integration of the RT3® Curve with the water system to their specific vehicle. We will complete the installation at their location the summer of 2016.

The customer will be able to complete friction testing dry or wet, year round, and at traffic speed on the highway and all on ramps and off ramps. The water system can be switched on and off on the display to a predetermined flow rate during portions of that test when wet testing is required.  The data will be sent in real-time to a customer dedicated website so that colleagues can see the results mapped immediately on their web browser.

We will be providing updates on the success of this program throughout the year.


Halliday Technologies is committed to promoting environmental sustainability.

We choose each product in the manufacturing process to be durable. Ensuring the RT3® is built to last, we can drive down life cycle costs for our customers. Additionally, through objective and reliable data, our customers can reduce their chemical and salt usage during winter events by optimizing their treatment approach.