To understand our roadway products, we have to understand our customer base. Our roadway customers fall into two primary categories.


The first category of RT3® customers are engineers who are responsible for roadway construction, vehicle design or tire design.

They use the RT3® to provide them objective, reliable data to analyze the impact of the solutions they are developing and their relationship to roadway surface friction.

The RT3’s® reliability combined with the equipment’s high resolution allows these engineers to assess how small changes in their process, chemical used, tire type (compound and tread) etc. all effect the friction between the test tire(s) and the surface.


The second category of customers work for cities, counties and states and are responsible for winter maintenance of their respective roadways.

The job is high stakes. Fleet managers are making decisions under pressure on how to treat that surface to restore it to a high enough level of friction so that they keep the traveling public safe while not going over budget.

Most often fleet managers are resource constrained and their team has varied experience. Decision making is subjective. For these managers knowing when to stop treating the surface can save thousands of dollars in chemicals in each winter event.

The RT3® Friction Tester is a tool that generates objective, reliable data that allows managers confidence in knowing that the friction level has been restored or that it is still not safe. Unlike our competition, the RT3® friction testers are very effective for winter maintenance. They were originally designed to work in this harsh environment. They are reliable, durable and easy to use.




We are constantly working to improve our products. New in 2016, we are introducing a completely upgraded and redesigned RT3® Curve roadway friction tester. For the first time, there is a roadway friction device that truly allows you to measure friction wherever you need to.



We are also continuing to sell our RT3® Fixed Hitch, which has also been completely upgraded. This unit, while less versatile, can still be an important tool providing reliable data on straighter roads.


Halliday Technologies is committed to promoting environmental sustainability.

We choose each product in the manufacturing process to be durable. Ensuring the RT3® is built to last, we can drive down life cycle costs for our customers. Additionally, through objective and reliable data, our customers can reduce their chemical and salt usage during winter events by optimizing their treatment approach.