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RT3 Tow Hitch

We specialize in

continuous friction measurement equipment (CFME)
for road and runway surfaces

Four Versions

RT3 Grip
RT3 Under Truck
RT3 Flight
RT3 Curve

The RT3 indicates all changes in road surface friction and runway surface friction due to any surface contamination including rubber, pavement aging and changes in weather, including rain, ice and snow.

The patented RT3 design, originally developed for use in auto racing (Indy car and Le Mans 24 hours), is precision USA technology and generates a friction result with very high sensitivity and repeatability (98+%).

This revolutionary design is rugged enough to cope with the most severe weather and road conditions.

Data is available in the vehicle and can be directed simultaneously to a remote site – real time!

Extensively independently tested in the USA, Canada, Japan and Sweden (See “Reports”).

The RT3 Flight is the latest technology to be accredited by the FAA in May 2010 as a CFME (Continuous Friction Measurement Equipment) meter for runway friction measurement use within Appendix 4 of Advisory Circular 150/5320-12C

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Unique Characteristics

  • Cost effective objective accurate continuous friction
    measurement technology
  • High measurement sensitivity gives a clearer picture of the road/runway surface condition (independently verified: see “Reports”)
  • High repeatability 98+%
  • Rugged stainless steel construction for all weather use
  • Retractable full size measuring wheel for ease of use and savings
  • Constant vertical load on tire allows simple surface Mu friction
    value measurement
  • Low energy loss at tire contact patch – can be used with or without water
  • Tire life on dry, high friction surface in excess of 2500 miles (4022km) of continuous measurement
  • Few moving parts - designed for quality, reliability & accuracy

Going Green

Halliday Technologies is committed to promoting environmental sustainability. We are committed to producing a product to reduce salt & chemical usage during a winter event while improving condition safety. Our recycling program during design and manufacturing is rigorous. We believe in efficiency in quantity and quality of material and examine each component, evaluating it for its ultimate need. Each component is built to last, driving life cycle costs down.
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RT3 friction measurement technology saves lives & $$$
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